Use this prayer in your church service or home group. Consider showing the video Balan’s Story (see the video section of our refugee page) and distributing the fact sheet on asylum seeker’s living in Australia (see the “learn” section of our refugee page)

Loving God,
We thank you for those asylum seekers living in our country,
Each of them an extraordinary and precious human being
created in your image, gifted by your Spirit, and sought out by your Son.
We are thankful that they are living here in this country and for the unique ways each will enrich and bless our nation.

We pray for each and every asylum seeker living in our country,
May they find healing from the trauma they have experienced,
May they find community in which they are welcomed, loved and valued, May they find employment and opportunities to contribute,
May they find the redeeming love of Christ.

We pray for their families back in the countries from which they have fled. As they navigate life without a father, husband, mother, wife, child
grant them communities that will support, encourage and sustain them.
We pray for the country from which they have fled, that you would bring peace and freedom.

We pray for our nation and our government,
May our hearts be filled with compassion for those on temporary protection visas
and those wasting for their refugee claim to be assessed.
May our policies be grounded in love rather than fear
In recognition of our common humanity and in decency.