We resource churches to speak out for justice on issues such as refugees and asylum seekers, climate change, reconciliation, and homelessness. We provide education resources and advocacy tools, and connect you with opportunities to serve those for whom you advocate.

We’ll introduce you to a four step system that is easy to use and can be adapted to the circumstances of any church.

Step 1: Education
Lead your congregation toward a biblically shaped perspective on a given justice issue.

Step 2. Congregational advocacy
Lead your congregation to raise their voice for justice through short, simple and effective acts of advocacy conducted during a church service.

Step 3. Small group advocacy
Commission a small group within your congregation, perhaps an existing social justice group, to share your representatives in Parliament to share your church’s concerns;

Step 4. Serve
Take opportunities to engage in practical ministry to those on whose behalf you are advocating.

Getting involved is very easy. Contact us if you’d like to talk through the Just Cause program, but if you’re ready to go register your church and we’ll be in touch.